Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We had a great time in Vegas

Thirty nine years ago we made our first PCS (permanent change of station) move from Wichita, KS to Las Vegas, Nevada. I was PG with baby known as Sarah Breen...we were very young....We were pretty preoccupied so did not do much we did the Hoover Dam and bike rides and had a baby. Elvis was at the Hilton...Sinatra was on stage somewhere too! This was the Vegas of the Rat Pack ...not all that sophisticated or polished...the food was cheap and good and so were the drinks. Playing the slot machine was easy, back then...We went once, each of us had $10.00 we could loose. And we did.
I've been back several times for the Tea Expo...but that was business. Paul had not been back since we left in 1974. What a difference.
We stayed at the Nellis AFB Fam Camp, which was very nice, and at $19 a night, we had the best room in town. We went to the Bellagio for the dinner buffet...

 After dinner we enjoyed a walk around the hotel...

The lobby is simply gorgeous

My camera cannot do this ceiling justice.
Then we went outside to see the fountains put on their show...
A perfect night.
 On Saturday we took a bus tour
 Had a ball...saw neat stuff and learned much about Las Vegas
Fremont Street
Fountain outside the Wynn
 Of course the Grand Canal!
Then, Saturday night we saw....
Great show!
So...we enjoyed our time in Vegas!
Tally ho,


  1. and to think some of the hotel room are bigger than your fiberglass "house". :) I was in vegas many years ago and have been back. But in looking at pictures and showes filmed there you can see it very different.

    you guys going to be back in NC in june??

    have a good one,
    carl newton, bettys SIL

    1. (((((((correction))))))))

      that should have said,, "have NOT been back to vegas"

      (((((((correction )))))))