Monday, March 4, 2013

Roughing it with the Marines

Just a few miles north of San Diego driving HWY5(scary) take the exit for San Orofre Beach...but instead of turning right...turn left and enter the very back gate to Camp Pendleton.booya!!! Take a winding road under the interstate and around the bend you happen upon some of the prettiest beach views you're ever going to experience. Trust me, it is breath-taking.
This is the Marine fam camp
We got checked in and our site is #90. At just $27 a night the view alone is worth the price.  We got here on a Tuesday and there were a lot of empty spots, but by Friday was packed full.

Wednesday we made a trip to the main gate where the ultra-gorgeous, brand new "MCX" is located along with a fabulous commissary...those jar heads know what we ladies like!
 Tempted by all the goodies, I bought way too many groceries.
Fiona is wondering where it's going to all go????
Don't worry folks, we found a spot for everything 😊
Tomorrow, we are headed to very first visit, and 50 years since Paul's last trip...we are jazzed....
Tally ho,

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