Monday, August 26, 2013

I forgot to tell you....

Cannot believe I forgot to tell you about the wonderful place we stayed while in Bennington Vermont.
Pine Hollow Campground
Probably the prettiest, well maintained campground we have ever stayed . Our campsite was right by this beautiful little lake with a lighted fountain. The grass was like a carpet. There were no bugs. The bathrooms were spotless. Five stars folks.
Bennington is cool. We visited the town last year too. Did the Grandma Moses gallery and ate at the famous Blue Benn Diner. This year we visited the old church and cemetery where Robert Frost is buried. We also visited his home. We went back to the Blue Benn for lunch, toured a covered bridge museum and drove through a covered bridge or two.
Old tombstone
lots of neat old tombstones
"I had a lovers quarrel with the world"
lots of Patriot graves marked by the DAR
Vermont is famous for covered bridges.
And the Blue Benn Is famous for delicious food!
Old First Church where Robert Frost is buried.
Had beautiful weather and a very good time.
Tally ho,

Sunday, August 25, 2013


My mother told me that most events happen in threes. Usually the unfortunate or traumatic type of events, that is. So when I share with you the amazing statistic that until yesterday we had not suffered any catastrophes inside our sweet MiniPearl....that is as of yesterday. THIS MORNING....before 9 AM, Fiona threw up, not once, but twice, a cup of tea spilled inside the microwave...then proceeded to run down shelving, into a tray full of clean mugs, onto that shelf, then onto the floor....AND a carton of eggs fell out of the refrigerator breaking only three....
This is the scene of the three events.
Paul is one heck of a carpet cleaning man! He saved the day...
I just stay out of the way....can you see my tan line? First time in my whole life I have had one. Starting to actually look like a gypsy on the outside while feeling like one on the inside!
Now things are back to normal.
Thank you for listening.

Tally ho,

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One of our goals this second year of adventure is to stay a bit longer in a place. One incentive for this is less mileage=less gas ! Another incentive is family and friends, and finally, location. We are hanging out at Miller's Campground in Waynesville, Ohio for all the above reasons. The rates are very reasonable, good strong wi fi, lots of Paul's kin close by.... did I mention IKEA is a short 20 miles from here???
Our set up is quite comfy. We have the instant screen room and also the Coleman instant tent for storage. Amazing design on those tents. Even Paul and I can set up or take down these beauties in less than 5 minutes! Gotta love Coleman.
We paid a visit to Paul's childhood home and were pleased to see the farmhouse remained and looked wonderful.

Enjoyed a family picnic/fishing get together. Loren and Greg Schulte on the right, Cindy and Bob's son and dtr-in-law.
Here's Paul with some of his family, sister Cindy and hubby Bob had just left...
Here's Cindy with niece Ashley, her hubby David, and that's Paul behind Cindy with their baby brother Tim in the far back!
The youngest member of the family...Gabe, he is one adorable, good natured, wanna squeeze him 'til he pops little boy. He kept us entertained. That's his grandmother, Lily, Tim's wife behind Gabe.
Paul and his baby brother Tim.
We'll be here for a little while longer, then it's off towards Indianapolis !
Tally ho

Monday, August 5, 2013


Love those free nights at Wal-mart!
We leave Bar Harbor and spend a night in one of the prettiest Wal-Mart parking lots we have ever seen. Deep inside the Green Mountains...peaceful, quiet, did I mention free??? We are in Gorham NH.
Next stop is Little River State Park close to Stowe, VT. Little River is the busiest state park in Vermont, probably because it is located very close to the busiest tourist attraction in Vermont.......
On advice from our Canada friends, Marla and Brian, we made sure we paid a visit. We really enjoyed our time here.
Had to wait 45 minutes for our tour, so we got in line for ice cream, the line was long. The ice cream was very good.
Clever quotes were all over, we enjoyed reading them as we ate our hot fudge sundae.
Soon, it was our turn for a tour. Cost: $6 per person.
Our new family motto!
Stowe is a big ski location. Lots of good places to eat and a shopping Mecca! The weather was overcast and rainy and a whole lot cooler...highs in the low 70s and in the 40s at night! Bliss!!!
The Trapp Family Inn.
The view

We ate lunch here
His, fish stew
Mine, a café cut sirloin....not as good as it looks 😡
All in all, I would say we enjoyed our time in the area and want to return in the fall some day!
Tally ho,

Saturday, August 3, 2013


One of the neat points of interest in Acadia NP is the carriage road system planned and built by David Rockefeller while he owned all the property. They were built for horse-drawn vehicles, walking, skiing and bicycling only, no motorized vehicles allowed. Along with the roads, he had 17 bridges built. Each bridge is unique and lovely. We took a horse drawn carriage ride to see some bridges.

We bought our tickets the day before our ride. The one very nice sunny day....the next day it was damp and cloudy.
See how wet???? That's our carriage
Nadia was our guide and Don took the reigns. You can just see Nadia between the horses up front.
We stopped our ride to view just one bridge. I was a bit disappointed that we only saw one, but it was spectacular!
Took Rockefeller three years to build because he kept running out of cobblestones!
You had to climb down a steep Hill...cross this "bridge"

To get to the other side of the running stream.
but, the view was worth it
magic must happen here
We wound our way back to the stables, said our good byes and hopped on the free bus back to the Jordan Pond was, after all TEA TIME!!!
Tea at Acadia is not scones, it is.....
Paul chose this popover
Paul is happy
I had to have one more cup of the lobster stew...Cathy was happy too!
The end of another perfect day
Tally ho,