Sunday, August 25, 2013


My mother told me that most events happen in threes. Usually the unfortunate or traumatic type of events, that is. So when I share with you the amazing statistic that until yesterday we had not suffered any catastrophes inside our sweet MiniPearl....that is as of yesterday. THIS MORNING....before 9 AM, Fiona threw up, not once, but twice, a cup of tea spilled inside the microwave...then proceeded to run down shelving, into a tray full of clean mugs, onto that shelf, then onto the floor....AND a carton of eggs fell out of the refrigerator breaking only three....
This is the scene of the three events.
Paul is one heck of a carpet cleaning man! He saved the day...
I just stay out of the way....can you see my tan line? First time in my whole life I have had one. Starting to actually look like a gypsy on the outside while feeling like one on the inside!
Now things are back to normal.
Thank you for listening.

Tally ho,


  1. Don't sweat the "small stuff" could have been so much worse! I'll remember how good Paul is at cleaning carpets! He's a KEEPER!