Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One of our goals this second year of adventure is to stay a bit longer in a place. One incentive for this is less mileage=less gas ! Another incentive is family and friends, and finally, location. We are hanging out at Miller's Campground in Waynesville, Ohio for all the above reasons. The rates are very reasonable, good strong wi fi, lots of Paul's kin close by.... did I mention IKEA is a short 20 miles from here???
Our set up is quite comfy. We have the instant screen room and also the Coleman instant tent for storage. Amazing design on those tents. Even Paul and I can set up or take down these beauties in less than 5 minutes! Gotta love Coleman.
We paid a visit to Paul's childhood home and were pleased to see the farmhouse remained and looked wonderful.

Enjoyed a family picnic/fishing get together. Loren and Greg Schulte on the right, Cindy and Bob's son and dtr-in-law.
Here's Paul with some of his family, sister Cindy and hubby Bob had just left...
Here's Cindy with niece Ashley, her hubby David, and that's Paul behind Cindy with their baby brother Tim in the far back!
The youngest member of the family...Gabe, he is one adorable, good natured, wanna squeeze him 'til he pops little boy. He kept us entertained. That's his grandmother, Lily, Tim's wife behind Gabe.
Paul and his baby brother Tim.
We'll be here for a little while longer, then it's off towards Indianapolis !
Tally ho

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