Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunny in San Diego

We made the trip over the mountains from desert to oasis. What a change in scenery. A sign along the way announced we were at sea level...followed by another sign about a mile down the road that informed us we were at one thousand feet...well we climbed to over four thousand feet in less than 15 minutes, ears popping, rain falling, snow on the ground minutes! Oh, before this we were treated to
 We drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes National Park
Amazing sight...lots of 4 wheel dune buggies around
We found Admiral Baker recreation area with no problems, got started setting up when the rain began. Paul was determined to get our tent up (we use it to store our extra stuff) he got very wet, but the tent is up! We used the Garmin to help us find a place for dinner...Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill good choice, we had some awesome food, came home, hooked up the cable TV and nerded out the rest of the night. We are now on Pacific time, so we got a free hour😊
Today will be laundry day, tomorrow we "do" San Diego!
Tally ho,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

14 Days

Tomorrow makes our 14th day without electricity, water or sewer hook ups...we have been boondocking all that time and we did quite well...happy to report! We feel we have achieved a milestone in our traveling journey. We have learned much about ourselves and our Casita. We have been very comfortable! The solar panels purchased and new AGM battery have done their jobs very well.

Our set up on Plomosa in Quartzsite
Just follow the sign to the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally
We purchased this great little portable AGM battery which can be charged by solar. A very handy addition!
We also have battery powered lighting around the inside of MiniPearl. Sure makes the place cozy looking. See the white frame hanging? My sweet sister gave us a wonderful picture of the original MiniPearl so we framed her and hung her up! Thanks Claudia.
Tomorrow we head to San Diego. Another first for us.
Tally ho,

Friday, February 15, 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about...

First, define: RV boondocking is stopping in a spot, be it National park, BLM (Bureau of Land Management), or Walmart, that has no facilities such as water, electric or sewer or any combination thereof.
Why boondock?  Convenience is one reason. You are traveling to a destination and it is getting late. You do not want to unhitch or to hunt for a campground. Cost is another reason...boondocking is almost always free and always is cheaper than any other camping situation. Solitude and beautiful scenery...except at Walmart😊.
As full time travelers, we are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs, but not sacrifice comfort. We love boondocking, and are learning lots of ways to camp this way in total comfort! It is do able.
What a view!
We have added a new battery to our MiniPearl an Interstate AGM and what a difference that has made. We also bought a 90 watt solar panel and   with the new battery we are able to use all the equipment on the camper. Our fridge stays running, we can turn on and use the water pump, we use an inverter to charge our computers, cell phones and hot spot for internet...we have not lost any convenience except the oven and microwave...oh, no a/c, but our daytime highs are a lovely 70 and 40s at night, so, we are loving it.
Tally ho,

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where's MiniPearl???

 Can you spot our Casita???
We are really enjoying our time with the RVDreams gang. Howard and Linda are pros at putting together wonderful seminars, great ice breakers and a whole bunch of really nice folks. We have learned  so much from just two seminars and then listening to folks from all over share their travel experiences. Just so rewarding.  We are in the very little usual. That is ok with us. We see the same sunsets, enjoy the warm February weather, fix our tea and coffee and eat real good...we are content. Just sorting through the "solar" conundrum has been a challenge for us, we could not handle all the technology a big rig has...that is one of the reasons we chose our rig.
Here's Fiona standing on our new runner made in Mexico, isn't it pretty? And she is pretty cute too!
Tally ho,

Sunday, February 10, 2013 4

Today we bid goodbye to our Casita buddies and head across town to join the RV Dreams boondocking Rally. Just about a 10 mile drive, but it took us forever to pack up, say good byes drive to the RV Pit stop to empty our black and grey water and get 25 gallons for our fresh water tank, then head over to the rally site, get situated, unpacked and set up...* whew*... now we stay put until the 21st.
This will give you some idea of a bit of how the area looked. Tons of Casitas...and lots of beautiful desert, mountains and sky.
The temperature has been in the 60s, which is cool for here, but with a sunny sky, it is perfect!
We met lots of nice folks, Kamper Bob, Guy  and Lise, Milo and Pat , Glenda and Jeff and Ginger to name a few!
Now we are all set for the night. We had hot dogs, baked beans and chips compliments the rally. We met everyone, a nice group from all over the place...then stood around a huge campfire chatting. A very nice end to a busy day. Now we can relax and enjoy!
Tally Ho,

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We are stay in Gila Bend Arizona, which is about 55 miles from anywhere in Phoenix. I have met 2 of those crabs...

Our camp site is on the Barry M Goldwater missile range....yes, the drop bombs around here! And fly fighter jets really low and fast....we love it ! And the price is good just a looooong drive.

If you don't want to camp, there's always the Space Age Lodge!

Way out in Gila Bend...

But, we had bigger fish to fry...we were off to tour our first Frank Lloyd Wright house, Taliesin-West in Scottsdale. We have been to the Guggenheim Museum on NYC, but not any homes. I know he built several homes in my hometown of KC, also a church...but have not toured any before. Our tour guide was excellent giving us much background on his life and personality along with great info on his philosophy of building and design. I have a new respect for his innovation genius.

 Pictures do not do justice, but I hope you can get the feel of how lovely this place is.

Look at that sky!
Taliesin is a Welsh name of a famous poet. It means shining forehead....ok
Click on the photos to get a better look....
Tally ho,

Monday, February 4, 2013

our Casita has it all!

We have been on the road over 6 months now. Except for the week at St. Martins, New Brunswick we have been the little camper. Always in the minority always explaining we chose this camper expressly for it's compact profile. We are now camping on an Air Force installation full of huge 5th wheels and even larger class A rigs. I think they think we are hippies...honestly, do people always have to size you up in direct correlation to the home you occupy or the car you drive??? Today Paul had an old guy ask him of we had a bathroom!!! Seriously people... yes, I am venting a bit. We are so looking forward to this Casita rally this weekend.
See, we're just a couple of average everyday variety folks
Not hippies
Not that being a hippy is so bad, I would rather be typed as a Committed Christian who is also a gypsy😊 fortune telling...
Tally ho,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sonoran Desert

click on photo for larger view
One fact that is absolutely true...we live in a beautiful country...
Fact two and also absolutely true...God Is
Fact three He made all this for us to appreciate, take care of and enjoy! Oh how we have been enjoying His creation. We are very close to making the trek from" sea to shining sea" and beauty that  sometimes takes your breath away happens daily. The desert has been a pleasant surprise. Paul and I like to say we are tree people. We love maples, oaks, Al.  We lived in Las Vegas for a whole year out in that hot place and we agreed that the desert was not for us. BUT now, we have a whole new appreciation for cactus, sand and sunny blue skies punctuated with tall dark mountain peaks. Loved Tucson and hope to get back there again...Gila Bend...remote and reasonable (as in $10 a night...full hook ups and free laundry)

We ventured into Tempe to visit the Ikea store. I was looking for a solution to my closet clothes storage situation. Just knew there was a better way. Found some excellent clear hard plastic containers with lids. Bought 5 total $25! Turned out very well, I am pleased and since we will be attending our first Casita rally in a week, I have been thinking of ways to spiff up our Pearl. I will take a pix and share next time....
Tally ho,