Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where's MiniPearl???

 Can you spot our Casita???
We are really enjoying our time with the RVDreams gang. Howard and Linda are pros at putting together wonderful seminars, great ice breakers and a whole bunch of really nice folks. We have learned  so much from just two seminars and then listening to folks from all over share their travel experiences. Just so rewarding.  We are in the very little usual. That is ok with us. We see the same sunsets, enjoy the warm February weather, fix our tea and coffee and eat real good...we are content. Just sorting through the "solar" conundrum has been a challenge for us, we could not handle all the technology a big rig has...that is one of the reasons we chose our rig.
Here's Fiona standing on our new runner made in Mexico, isn't it pretty? And she is pretty cute too!
Tally ho,

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