Thursday, February 7, 2013


We are stay in Gila Bend Arizona, which is about 55 miles from anywhere in Phoenix. I have met 2 of those crabs...

Our camp site is on the Barry M Goldwater missile range....yes, the drop bombs around here! And fly fighter jets really low and fast....we love it ! And the price is good just a looooong drive.

If you don't want to camp, there's always the Space Age Lodge!

Way out in Gila Bend...

But, we had bigger fish to fry...we were off to tour our first Frank Lloyd Wright house, Taliesin-West in Scottsdale. We have been to the Guggenheim Museum on NYC, but not any homes. I know he built several homes in my hometown of KC, also a church...but have not toured any before. Our tour guide was excellent giving us much background on his life and personality along with great info on his philosophy of building and design. I have a new respect for his innovation genius.

 Pictures do not do justice, but I hope you can get the feel of how lovely this place is.

Look at that sky!
Taliesin is a Welsh name of a famous poet. It means shining forehead....ok
Click on the photos to get a better look....
Tally ho,

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