Friday, February 1, 2013

Sonoran Desert

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One fact that is absolutely true...we live in a beautiful country...
Fact two and also absolutely true...God Is
Fact three He made all this for us to appreciate, take care of and enjoy! Oh how we have been enjoying His creation. We are very close to making the trek from" sea to shining sea" and beauty that  sometimes takes your breath away happens daily. The desert has been a pleasant surprise. Paul and I like to say we are tree people. We love maples, oaks, Al.  We lived in Las Vegas for a whole year out in that hot place and we agreed that the desert was not for us. BUT now, we have a whole new appreciation for cactus, sand and sunny blue skies punctuated with tall dark mountain peaks. Loved Tucson and hope to get back there again...Gila Bend...remote and reasonable (as in $10 a night...full hook ups and free laundry)

We ventured into Tempe to visit the Ikea store. I was looking for a solution to my closet clothes storage situation. Just knew there was a better way. Found some excellent clear hard plastic containers with lids. Bought 5 total $25! Turned out very well, I am pleased and since we will be attending our first Casita rally in a week, I have been thinking of ways to spiff up our Pearl. I will take a pix and share next time....
Tally ho,

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