Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunny in San Diego

We made the trip over the mountains from desert to oasis. What a change in scenery. A sign along the way announced we were at sea level...followed by another sign about a mile down the road that informed us we were at one thousand feet...well we climbed to over four thousand feet in less than 15 minutes, ears popping, rain falling, snow on the ground minutes! Oh, before this we were treated to
 We drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes National Park
Amazing sight...lots of 4 wheel dune buggies around
We found Admiral Baker recreation area with no problems, got started setting up when the rain began. Paul was determined to get our tent up (we use it to store our extra stuff) he got very wet, but the tent is up! We used the Garmin to help us find a place for dinner...Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill good choice, we had some awesome food, came home, hooked up the cable TV and nerded out the rest of the night. We are now on Pacific time, so we got a free houršŸ˜Š
Today will be laundry day, tomorrow we "do" San Diego!
Tally ho,


  1. HI guys.
    have been following for a bunch of weeks now and really have enjoyed the ride along..

    I heard about this adventure from my mother-in-law betty W. from FV library, retired and went to work at yellowstone a couple years ago for the summer, daughter Karen (my wife) ,now you remember. :)

    Well have to say it been cool following along as this is something we or should say I have been talking about for the past many months.. buying a used airstream and traveling around seeing the country from a RV trailer trailer (TT).

    When i told karen the size of your camper she was amazed how small it was.. We have looked at several AS around the area from 30 ft'ers to 23 ft;er and it hard to get her off the larger ones.. My concern as you mentioned was MPG when towing something.

    Dont know about where yoy are but around here gas was going up for a while, now kinda heading down a bit.. today $3.69 at some places on s. saunders st..I use an app call "gas buddy". help me find cheap where ever i am and the prices are updated by me and others along the way.

    check it out

    Was impressed with your 14 days off the grid.. nice to have the solar and AGM batteries, now just need bigger water tanks. :)

    any who travel safe and keep the updates coming.

  2. Hello Carl...I do remember you and thanks for your kind comments. I hope you will give Miss Betty a big hug from me! We are now sitting on the beach at Camp Pendleton half way between San Diego and LA. It is sooooo beautiful here and....the weather is beyond perfect...although, the price for gas is not! $4.50 and up depending on where you are.
    One thing for sure, we are still super satisfied with our choice of travel. Lots of people just cannot imagine living without a recliner, or cable tv, and that is fine, for them. We never had cable or a recliner, so we miss nothingšŸ˜ŠHave discovered that your choice is very personal and goal oriented. Since I do most of the driving, I am very comfortable pulling the Casita. Thanks again for letting me know you are along, a new post is coming right up.