Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paul and Cathy's excellent San Diego adventure!

We were able to spend an entire day at the awesome San Diego Zoo...this is our only proof because my batteries were dead in my camera and I didn't lug around the tablet...well, you know what rhinos and monkeys look like don't you?
We took a tour of the city including La Jolla and Coronado Island.
San Diego is a beautiful city, we were very impressed.
This is the beach at La Jolla
We had lunch during a stop in Old Town.
We also took a harbor cruise
Got a great view of the Coronado bridge
And we saw lots of ships
More interesting naval vessels
The famous USS Midway
Honoring ships that served during WW II
My Dad served on the Rudyerd Bay
We also made a trip to Balboa Park while on the city tour. Very impressive.
Our camp ground was just 5 miles from the park, so we went back on Sunday for an organ concert and to get a closer look around.
All in all, we had a perfectly wonderful time in San Diego. 5 stars folks
Tally ho

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