Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I finally got to visit Disneyland! I was not disappointed. The cost of entrance was steep...$89.00 a piece, a military discount no less. Cost $15 to park. But after that we could spend, or not spend as much as we chose. We opted for the "no memorabilia " plan, which saved as hundreds of bucks and also our self respect as we saw many adults looking mighty silly in all kinds of get ups...of which they were not employed to wear. If I am going to look silly I'll do the "Single ladies" dance and then my daughter will post it on FB for all to see...over and over again....
But I digress.
We entered the Magic Kingdom
First ride of the day...
The Matterhorn
Beautiful and impressive

You ride in a bobsled type thingie, Paul sat in the front seat...his hair was standing straight up when we got off. It was a lot of fun folks.
Then we walked right over to the Nautilus which is a submarine you take under water (right). Paul remembers this ride from 50 years we "Find Nemo" A rather dull ride mostly for the kiddies.

The staircase into the sub.

After the ride we took the train over to New Orleans and
Adventureland. We had read not to miss the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and also the Indiana Jones ride, so that was where we were headed....but first, LUNCH
Mine....corn chowder beans and rice with sausage.
Not bad, not great....sufficient....
This ride was wonderful
Captain Jack showed us a good time
Wait time for almost all the rides was less than 20 minutes. One reason for that was park attendance. We were told by a Disney crew member that there were only 20,000 folks in the park that day. Average attendance is around 65,000! We picked a good time!
We worked up a sweet craving, so we each got one of these
Hot fudge sundaes with two chocolate chip cookies
I mention the cookies because Paul ate all 4!
We found Indiana Jones and enjoyed that ride too, then rode the African River boat ride...
It was getting close to 5pm and we knew the traffic going home would be awful, so we decided we had seen enough and had our fill of a great we bid Disneyland farewell
Tally ho,



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