Friday, March 15, 2013

Forgot to mention...

While we enjoyed the beautiful beach at San Onofre and had our meet up with Mickey...we also visited the Richard M. Nixon birthplace and library. Enjoyed the library and learning more about this President. He came from very average surroundings, worked very hard and was always an achiever. He was well liked and a good son, husband and father. He loved his country, served honorably in the Navy during WW II. He was a master statesman and a consummate Politian. The library was very comprehensive in covering his public and personal life. Much detail was given on Watergate, which I found impressive for several reasons. No excuses were made, just details and facts. He was not made a victim or exonerated. History will decide. Lots of memories of his time in office and all his achievements, which were many. We have been to several Presidential libraries and this one is right at the top along with the Truman Library. Five stars folks.

Outside the Nixon Library

Always impressive...The Great Seal

Paul stands among statue of great world leaders during Nixon's tenure
You can click on the photos for larger pictures and more details.
 The library is located in Yorba Linda and it took a while to get there, we had gone to church first, and after church we stopped for lunch here...
How cool....had a delicious chicken pot pie! Love that Marie!
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