Friday, September 13, 2013

Living LARGE in a small space

Most, if not all of you know we have been living in our Casita since May of 2012. Most of you also know that our total square footage is approximately 98 Sq. Feet! We have one drawer, one closet for two people and a bossy westie. Our refrigerator is 4 cubic ft. Which also contains a small freezer compartment...big enough for several pints of Ben and Jerry's. Fortunately, our "TV" or tow vehicle is a stretch Nissan Pathfinder which we pack out pretty heavily😊. Paul has 3 cupboards in the camper for his clothing. The cupboards are all around 3 sides of MiniPearl. There are a total of 4 other cupboards which house food, canned goods, coffee and tea and dishes. The one drawer has knives, forks, spoons and miscellaneous  Can opener, cork screw etc. I have a crock full of spoons , spatulas and tongs and a magnetic knife holder also.
That's my new tea cozy from Maine above...
That's an old metal tray which has tons of souvenir magnets sticking to it
This is a new erasable magnet board I bought at Target to hold more of our magnets. We enjoy looking at them and marveling at all the places we have been!
This is our one closet....oh my goodness.... we sure can cram a ton of stuff in here. Talk about living LARGE. Found these three drawer cloth cabinets at Target. Finally, I have an easy way to access my clothes. One drawer for undies, one for pajamas, two for tops and two for bottoms....I feel luxurious!!!
And yes, that is tp, also houses our TV, DVD player and misc storage along with the first aid kit.
No, I am not ready to stop our journey....I am loving it!
Tally ho,


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We have been traveling through America's heartland.....OHIO.....INDIANA......ILLINOIS.......and IOWA.


This could be a photo of any of these states! Never saw so much corn!!!
But wait....there's more...
America must be full of corn. Literally.
We did see other interesting, uplifting and edifying along the way.
Paul's boyhood home in Vandalia, Ohio
Picnic with family
more family fun
And more FAMILY! Hooray!!!
We had a great time in Dayton and made some very good memories. Thanks to all our Lafferty family we love you all.
We stopped for three days in Indianapolis area.
Stopped to see yet another covered bridge.
We were number one on the list for this housing.....
Now, they are privately owned, still beautiful though. Fort Benjamin Harrison is no longer. We visited it as an Indiana state park. Very nice.
Next we headed west to Springfield, Illinois to rub shoulders with the Lincoln family!
YOU MUST VISIT THE LINCOLN MUSEUM....have seen none to compare. What a wonderful time we had. 5 Stars
Paul got to hob nob with generals McClellan (L) and Grant but they offered him no refreshment....
Another must see is the Lincoln tomb
"Now he belongs to the ages"
We are in Iowa. Amana colonies and German cooking....out of this world. Paul sure did enjoy his wurst!
Tally ho,