Friday, March 15, 2013

Do you ever wonder???

...if you made the right choice? I think it is healthy to question, anything and everything. It is good mental gymnastics. Took me at least two years to choose our traveling home. During that time I followed a fellow's blog who was full timing in a Lazy Daze class C rig. I really liked that rig. REALLY. But the price was very high, the class c is big and I discussed the driving with a DAR friend of mine who had a class c and had driven it coast to coast. While she said she had a fabulous time, she did say the rig was top heavy and tended to sway with the wind...scary., size and handling helped to move me away from the Lazy Daze. (are you wondering where Paul is during all this??? I kept him updated on my findings, but, I really think he was humoring me at this time he didn't believe we would actually do this!) Even though I moved on, I always was curious to actually see a Lazy Daze. They are made in CA and you don't see many out, we were within an hour's drive of Montclair where the factory is located....we took a trip over to have a look!

So here it is...we got there right at lunch time. The guy who showed us around was less than enthusiastic. The office was old, dingy and messy...not a good first impression and quite the opposite to the Casita showroom. Their production was really primitive and I saw just 3 rigs being built...again, far from the factory in Rice.
Lots of Casitas here
Every model Casita makes is proudly displayed in their spotless showroom where you are able to freely inspect each one on your own, or get all your questions answered by a friendly and knowledgeable sales associate. Quite a different experience than the one we had at Lazy Daze.
After the trip to see the Lazy Daze I was well-convinced that we made the right choice for us....Paul agreed!
Tally ho,

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