Friday, January 17, 2014

Apology time

Friends, we have been off the road living in Kansas City, Missouri since Halloween. KC is my home town, but I never thought I would live here again and it certainly wasn't in our plans to go off the road so has a way of changing all our best laid plans.
My parents live here and we both (Paul &I) felt the need to be closer and more available. They are very independent, but you never know. We were able to get an apartment in their building, which, by the way is very very nice, so almost over night everything changed.
Our apartment is just 850 Sq. Ft....a whole lot bigger than the Casita, but much smaller than the home we moved out we had to "simplify" big time. We've been here just 2 1/2 months and we both love the area, have found a wonderful church and it is so nice to see family...but we miss our NC friends and family too. We also miss the road.
One thing is certain...CHANGE happens.....

View from our balcony. You can Google Country Club Plaza to see our neighborhood.
So, I am sorry for keeping you in the dark...this has been a bit overwhelming on several levels. But here we are and we are happy to be here! Mini Pearl is in climate controlled storage and we will be having more adventures, you can count on that.
Tally ho,