Saturday, March 9, 2013

We have a PLAN

We have a PLAN for our travels. The PLAN is vague because we might hear, see or read about some place we need to see and so we detour but we are always mindful of our PLAN. Here it is...We will spend middle of May to middle of June in North Carolina, we will spend time in PA from there we will head north back to Acadia and on to Nova Scotia for our second year attending the Vintage Fiberglass rally which will be in Cape Breton on the Cabot Trail. From there we will head west again hoping to get all the way to Seattle by Sept. From Seattle we head south and spend some time in the southwest...since we loved the Sonoran Desert we hope to do a lot more boondocking there. So, that's the PLAN. What actually happens will be faithfully reported here, promise.
Now, for a picture

We are staying at Owl Canyon BLM close to Barstow, CA
Beautiful view, lots of Joshua trees
Friday morning we woke up to SNOW!

We took a walk, it melted fast, by noon it was all gone.
Our solar kept working even through a dense cloud cover and some rain. What a change from beautiful warm sunny beach just a short two hour drive! Barstow is a bit depressing. Even the Walmart is bleak...not much going on in town, but we sure are enjoying Owl Canyon. The desert is beginning to get green with all the moisture lately and I bet the flowers will start showing soon. We hope to be back in Arizona to enjoy the floral show!
Tally ho,


  1. Despite the snow, nice to hear the solar is holding her own...enjoyed the pics!

    1. We are sold on solar! Glad you enjoyed the pictures, I just use my tablet, so there is not much but point and you an idea at least.

  2. how far north are you coming en route to North Carolina and back to Seattle? we aren't sure about the cape breton rally

    1. Hi Brian. We are staying south on the way to NC. After Nova Scotia we hope to visit Roosevelt NP and Glacier.