Sunday, February 10, 2013 4

Today we bid goodbye to our Casita buddies and head across town to join the RV Dreams boondocking Rally. Just about a 10 mile drive, but it took us forever to pack up, say good byes drive to the RV Pit stop to empty our black and grey water and get 25 gallons for our fresh water tank, then head over to the rally site, get situated, unpacked and set up...* whew*... now we stay put until the 21st.
This will give you some idea of a bit of how the area looked. Tons of Casitas...and lots of beautiful desert, mountains and sky.
The temperature has been in the 60s, which is cool for here, but with a sunny sky, it is perfect!
We met lots of nice folks, Kamper Bob, Guy  and Lise, Milo and Pat , Glenda and Jeff and Ginger to name a few!
Now we are all set for the night. We had hot dogs, baked beans and chips compliments the rally. We met everyone, a nice group from all over the place...then stood around a huge campfire chatting. A very nice end to a busy day. Now we can relax and enjoy!
Tally Ho,


  1. It was SO very nice meeting you & Paul. Love how you've "maximized" space in your egg. Hope that solar panel is keeping you charged!

  2. Hello Glenda! Loved finally meeting you and Jeff...we are still having problems with the charging, so tomorrow we are probable getting a new battery😢 . BUT, I followed your idea and used my furnace to blow dry my hair!!! Works like a charm...You will always be up at the top of the list of excellent travel tips. Where are you headed now?