Wednesday, February 20, 2013

14 Days

Tomorrow makes our 14th day without electricity, water or sewer hook ups...we have been boondocking all that time and we did quite well...happy to report! We feel we have achieved a milestone in our traveling journey. We have learned much about ourselves and our Casita. We have been very comfortable! The solar panels purchased and new AGM battery have done their jobs very well.

Our set up on Plomosa in Quartzsite
Just follow the sign to the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally
We purchased this great little portable AGM battery which can be charged by solar. A very handy addition!
We also have battery powered lighting around the inside of MiniPearl. Sure makes the place cozy looking. See the white frame hanging? My sweet sister gave us a wonderful picture of the original MiniPearl so we framed her and hung her up! Thanks Claudia.
Tomorrow we head to San Diego. Another first for us.
Tally ho,