Monday, August 5, 2013


Love those free nights at Wal-mart!
We leave Bar Harbor and spend a night in one of the prettiest Wal-Mart parking lots we have ever seen. Deep inside the Green Mountains...peaceful, quiet, did I mention free??? We are in Gorham NH.
Next stop is Little River State Park close to Stowe, VT. Little River is the busiest state park in Vermont, probably because it is located very close to the busiest tourist attraction in Vermont.......
On advice from our Canada friends, Marla and Brian, we made sure we paid a visit. We really enjoyed our time here.
Had to wait 45 minutes for our tour, so we got in line for ice cream, the line was long. The ice cream was very good.
Clever quotes were all over, we enjoyed reading them as we ate our hot fudge sundae.
Soon, it was our turn for a tour. Cost: $6 per person.
Our new family motto!
Stowe is a big ski location. Lots of good places to eat and a shopping Mecca! The weather was overcast and rainy and a whole lot cooler...highs in the low 70s and in the 40s at night! Bliss!!!
The Trapp Family Inn.
The view

We ate lunch here
His, fish stew
Mine, a café cut sirloin....not as good as it looks 😡
All in all, I would say we enjoyed our time in the area and want to return in the fall some day!
Tally ho,


  1. Hi, Cathy and Paul, I just stumbled across your Blog when reading and following RvSue's Blog. I've gotten to be very interedted in the Casita trailer. Especially the Liberty deluxe. But it is just me , That would be using it alone. And was wondering why did the 2 of you choose something so tiny to live in, Since space is so limited. I'm just learning the ins and outs of the way people can arrange their lives in such small spaces. And seem to perfer it that way. So why did you settle on the Casita for the 2 of you. And do you ever wish you had more space? Thanks and happy travels.. Dominick Bundy , Rochester, NY..

    1. Hello Dominick, nice to "meet" you. Any friend of Sue's is a friend of mine!
      We chose Casita for several reasons.
      #1....size! Believe it or not, the compact size is just what we needed. Ease of driving, ability to stay in more off road locations, gas consumption, all played a role in our choice.
      #2. Quality of construction.....Casita is built so very we'll...and after 18 months full time, we know what we are talking about.
      #3....amenities....we have absolutely everything a big rig has, bathroom, hot/cold running water, AC, Heater, comfortable bed.
      We are comfortable, safe and sound. We don't spend all our time sitting inside, why would we when we travel to so many awesome places? But, when we do, we are always happy we chose Casita! Just works for us.
      Best to you, and thanks for the interest.

  2. Hi Cathy and Paul,
    Where are you? I haven't seen anything posted for over a month. I miss my neighbors, but I've enjoyed living vicariously thru you guys.