Saturday, August 3, 2013


One of the neat points of interest in Acadia NP is the carriage road system planned and built by David Rockefeller while he owned all the property. They were built for horse-drawn vehicles, walking, skiing and bicycling only, no motorized vehicles allowed. Along with the roads, he had 17 bridges built. Each bridge is unique and lovely. We took a horse drawn carriage ride to see some bridges.

We bought our tickets the day before our ride. The one very nice sunny day....the next day it was damp and cloudy.
See how wet???? That's our carriage
Nadia was our guide and Don took the reigns. You can just see Nadia between the horses up front.
We stopped our ride to view just one bridge. I was a bit disappointed that we only saw one, but it was spectacular!
Took Rockefeller three years to build because he kept running out of cobblestones!
You had to climb down a steep Hill...cross this "bridge"

To get to the other side of the running stream.
but, the view was worth it
magic must happen here
We wound our way back to the stables, said our good byes and hopped on the free bus back to the Jordan Pond was, after all TEA TIME!!!
Tea at Acadia is not scones, it is.....
Paul chose this popover
Paul is happy
I had to have one more cup of the lobster stew...Cathy was happy too!
The end of another perfect day
Tally ho,

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