Tuesday, July 30, 2013


As I said before, we were lucky to get 4 days in a row at the same site in Blackwoods. Day 5 our luck ran out....so we had to find another "home".

A bit more expensive, but we have water, electric and free wi-fi
Our spot is close to the front, nice and private, clean and quiet....we are content
plus, there is a neat Indian Statue!
We take advantage of the free bus service whenever we can. You get picked up right in front of the campground, they are on time and, did I mention, it's FREE!!!
Our next culinary adventure is the lunch at Jordan Pond House.
I had a bowl of lobster stew, paul got the fish special with lobster sauce
A bowl is almost too much....but it has to hold me for a year.
oh, and popovers!

served with fresh butter and strawberry jam.......heavenly.
Sometimes I think this travel blog is turning into a food blog, but honestly, we have been sight seeing and good eating all across America and that has been part of the fun, hope you think so too.
Tally Ho,
Taken from the bus, neither picture is very good...but you get the idea.

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