Monday, July 15, 2013

New England

Took us more than an hour and two harrowing attempts at tunnels (Holland AND Lincoln) plus being turned away at the Geo. Washington bridge....propane is a "no no"..... finally on our way north. Humarock, MA was our destination. A short trip, we thought, but with Friday traffic, not so short. Should have taken 4 hours, but actually took almost 7! Did I mention how much we hate I.93 AND I  95 ??? Traffic was awful. GPS did not give us complete directions and it had been over 25 years since we had visited the area...much had changed! We could not get an RV spot, but we did reserve a spot in the overflow. No water, no electric and no sewer. The view was semi nice if you got past the very large and overflowing trash dumpster. Fourth Cliff is an Air Force recreation and famcamp site. When we were stationed at Hanscom back in the 80's we tent camped here many times.
View of the inlet and some of the RV Sites we did not get.
That's our MiniPearl hiding behind the makeshift privacy screen...see the dumpster?

EROSION has ruined the area. The beach is closed and cannot be reached from the facility. We used to use those rickety steps to get down, now they don't even reach the hillside, they stop a couple of feet from land. So sad to see. The beach is rocky and the water is cold. Not like NC at all.
Still, beauty abounds!
New England has her charms.
We enjoyed our time at Fourth Cliff
Awesome hydrangeas everywhere, the colors more vivid than I have ever seen. Maybe all the rain???
Our next stop is Boston, again...
Tally ho,

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