Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We are heading out on our second year of adventure, I should say "traveling adventure" since I believe you can find adventure anywhere...you just have to LOOK! We are leaving a whole month later than we left last year, so that has an impact on our plans. We want to make it to Glacier and we will have to hurry a bit in order to avoid early cold temps and ....snow! So, we will not be able to make the trip to the Vintage Fiberglass Rally in Nova Scotia...really hate that as the folks we met last year were all so kind and friendly, we were looking forward to seeing everyone again...hopefully next year for sure.
We spent a lot of time going through our belongings once again evaluating their worth...I am proud to report we pared down a whole lot. It was very evident to us what we use often as opposed to what we seldom or never used...we left that behind this year.
Tonight we are at Fort A P Hill a bit north of Richmond. Tomorrow we head to Jersey City. We are staying two nights right on the Hudson River across from Manhattan. It is the closest RV Park to NYC! I heard about this place from a lady I met in a campground in AZ. It is a bit pricey, as RV Parks go...but way cheaper than any hotel in Jersey or Manhattan. We plan to walk the Highline and visit the museum of New York City. Maybe catch a show...or the ballet...who knows??? Anything is possible in the city!
Do we look like we are having fun???
Well...we are!
Tally ho,


  1. LOVE the pic....look a little apprehensive. Getting to be old hands at this travelling. All our love always!XXOO