Sunday, July 28, 2013


Our first four days in Bar Harbor were spent in the Acadia NP campground of Blackwoods. We were very lucky to get those four days. From our camp site we could take an easy 10 Minute walk to the ocean.

Of course Fiona has to get acquainted with the area....the morning was perfect, sunny and mild.
There's been some wild things here, Fiona knows it for sure!
A tent camp site, so many trees, just lovely.
These signs are posted all over to help remind us to be careful.
All this beauty
So peaceful...
The beauty is overwhelming. We weep.
Ahead, through the trees we see...THE OCEAN  Actually, we hear it before we see it...
We sit and enjoy the moment. Praising God for His creation

Hope to upload a brief video here but so far, it is very slow, so might not work.
Not going to work....sorry.
No matter, it was a wonderful walk...
Tally ho,

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  1. God must love us so very much.... Thanks for sharing....Happy Trails! XXOO