Friday, July 19, 2013


We are laying low in Beantown.... so very hot. Today it got to103°..... in Boston! That is really rare. We know just enough to realize going into town would be tragic....the heat.....the crowds....the sights we have already seen and enjoyed ... we decide to stay close to home and keep cool. Remember, we are NOT on vacation, our time is wide open... no "return" limits on us, no sir. So, we read, we eat, we nap....Paul does his walk. That is what we do. We have reservations at Blackwoods campground in Acadia NP for next Monday through Wednesday so we will leave here on Monday, the temps in Maine are much more comfortable and since we will be dry camping (primitive) we would enjoy cooler temps for sure.

I posted this photo on FB, but thought I would share here too just to show you that we are not roughing it. We enjoy our afternoon tea break as often as we can.
Gotta scoot....time for tea!
Tally ho,


  1. like this new font better.. easier to read.
    hot in beantown sounds like a song i heard once..

    having fun for sure, take care
    the picure betty posted was a good one for sure..
    we are looking forward to saddling up the rv and heading west in the next 5-7 or so years.

    1. The years will be on the road soon! We are so glad we made the decision to head out, every moment has been amazing. We have been in Bar Harbor this whole week and wow, we love the area.