Thursday, June 20, 2013

ONE YEAR...part two

We loved most every moment...but we both agreed that Disneyland was a big disappointment.

And the Sonora desert was a huge hit!
We fell in love with succulents!
Joshua Trees
I finally got to see a Major League baseball game while in the Phoenix area! My KC ROYALS beat the White Sox!!!
It was spring training, but a good game all the same.
Would we do anything differently?
Yes...bring less "stuff"!!!
I loved the Badlands
Paul loved the Hot Springs, Arkansas area.
We both enjoyed Las Vegas
So, there you have wonderful year full of adventures, surprises and great beauty.
Life is good
Tally ho!


  1. Yeah. Congrats. Now imagine the fun in the next year as you're more "experienced" & set up. So glad we meet you two at Dome Rock.

    Glemda, Jeff & Kira

  2. Hi to you Glenda. Hope you guys are well and enjoying yourselves. Where are you now?

  3. was talking with betty to see about getting you guys together with karen and I to chat about RVing and such and she told us you'll were on the road again.. less a bunch of stuff this time it seems.

    oh well the open road is a strong siren for sure.

    1. Hi Carl, we will be back in the area staying out at Falls Lake...I hope thru the 4th at least. Would love to get together.

  4. let us know when you get back. Will try to get out to see you.
    call betty to get my phone number
    good luck on getting spot at lake :)

  5. you might know betty was at her camper at goose creek for the week. my cell is nine one nine 606 one four 34.
    give me a call this week if you are still in town.