Friday, April 19, 2013


Let's see...I have been AWOL.....sorry peeps. Not a single post yet for April...and we have been on the move...east, back towards NC for granddaughter's graduation in June (hi Jazmine!).
Spent time back tracking towards Rice and the Casita factory to get a bit of warranty work done. We stayed a few days in San Antonio again,
While in San Antonio we weathered a huge storm...pretty scary, but MiniPearl held her own!
Leaving San Antonio behind we headed towards Rice...we stayed at a Corp of Engineer's park on Lake Bardwell just outside of Ennis, TX...THE BLUE BONNET CAPITAL OF TEXAS!!!  Again, my camera does not do justice to the beauty...
Fiona has her eyes on a big black bird who is no dummy...she is on a short leash 😊!
Had the wonderful opportunity to meet up once again with friends Marla and Brian. Always a good time! And hope we see them again this summer.
Here we are at the Corp of Engineer's park outside Hot Springs, Arkansas...
It is a beautiful spot, Paul has been able to fish almost every day.
No bites...but still having fun...
Fiona keeps watch
We enjoyed a relaxing time here in Hot Springs. The weather was, for the most part, warm and sunny. Since we are not "on vacation " we don't feel the need to go DO something all the time. I have read two books, Paul is finishing his Institutes of the Christian Religion...a huge tome written by John books are kind of semi-cozy mysteries....Mr. Churchill's Secretary, and oh, I forgot the the same author a Maggie Hope mystery....all WW II era and very entertaining...not any where near as deep as Paul's reading 😊
We leave here on Sunday morning traveling to Rogers, ARKANSAS and yet another COE. At $7 a night for water and electric we cannot complain and they are all so pretty too. While in Rogers we hope to eat fried chicken and visit the Walmart art museum which is new and quite amazing, so I have been told....
Tally ho,


  1. COE's seem like the perfect parks with a price that's right! Love AR...beautiful country!

    1. So true! We have found the COE parks are the very best deals...perfect for those of us who have the "senior" pass ;). half price is music to the ears...