Saturday, April 20, 2013

Anatomy of a post

For those of you who might be curious as to just how I "do" this blogging I thought I would let you in on the process. No secrets here...First, I have never been at a loss for words ahem, just ask my folks. So visiting is second nature to me and that's how I approach writing. Second, as a teen, I thought I might write a book. As I matured I realized just how difficult and demanding a calling that would be and I felt talentless in the face of genius such as Harper Lee, Margaret Mitchell and Louisa May Alcott...hard impossible acts to I became a reader instead. This blog is a bit of an effort to write, but please friends, do not confuse this attempt, I do not even try to deliver great thoughts. If I entertain, even just a bit, then I am well pleased. I have nothing profound to say...and you can quote me!
Third...I get my inspiration from the photos we take...they shape my posts.
Fourth...I don't try to share every little detail. There are some very good blogs out there that delve into the nitty gritty of life on the road. I just hope to share some of the fun and pleasure we enjoy while traveling.
Fifth...I won't lie...sometimes we get frustrated but that never lasts long and we keep amazed at just how fortunate we are and have been.  It does not take much to entertain us and our expectations are modest...we have been completely satisfied with our journey so far.
Sixth...we look forward to every day.
Seventh...we don't plan on doing something big every day, that would be too demanding, expensive and exhausting! People share good tips on spots to camp, sites to see and places to eat we love those. We have met so many fine folks along the way!
Now...I have rambled on, may have bored you, sorry....I will leave with a photo.

Tally ho,


  1. Doing what you want each day...moment to moment! That's never boring...or at least wouldn't be for me!

  2. You are so right! There will be days ahead I am sure, when we will have to face unpleasant activities, so each of these days are pure gold to us.

  3. Ah,, graduations... Did that last year with Madeline from SE Raleigh HS.. this year she is doing NCSU First Year College and keeping GPA around 3.2 ish so far, so good.

    there is another person in a Casita TT going around the US as well. I though you might like to give her a read every now an then.
    she travels with two dogs in a 17ft'er like you guys. her website..

    have a good trip east and we'll see later.

  4. Thanks Carl...I have been following RVSue for a couple of years! She is awesome.