Thursday, May 9, 2013


We had a lovely time in Hot Springs Arkansas and were destined for Memphis when it hit me...hey you are pretty close to KC and your folks...why not take a turn north and spend a little more time visiting. Life is too short, need to hug my mother! And Paul, being the nice guy he is, agreed...So we left Hot Springs and drove to Rogers, AR and Beaver lake COE campground.

This is Crystal Bridges museum of American Art. We were told not to miss this place and I am so glad we were able to visit!
A beautiful museum...inside and out! All works of art are by American artists and the place is huge with many galleries and mediums. We only saw a bit, we will return...I am sure.
We had an excellent lunch in this gorgeous room...
Above is my yummy chicken salad
Paul got red beans and rice
After lunch, we headed over to the Pea Ridge Battlefield National Monument. An important Civil War battle fought here to determine the status of the state of Missouri. The South lost the battle...and Missouri too.

Paul knows a lot about Civil War these visits to battlefields are always a treat for him and I always learn too!

After Pea Ridge we headed to Monte Ne just a bit down the road for fried chicken. Both of us had been here before...I have been several times while in the area for the craft sales in October...Paul went last year with our brother in law Neil. We loved...really loved their fried chicken...

Oh, the anticipation!
First...the bean soup!

We ate it all up!
Here's dinner...
Now it is Pea Ridge!
Well, here's the bad wasn't as good...don't know why???
Oh well, it was still a great, busy wonderful day...
On to KC
Tally ho,


  1. Nice tour of KC....I would have really enjoyed the American Art museum. OH and the FRIED CHICKEN!

    1. I did mislead in my KC...sorry, but the good news is I do have a few KC photos to share in a post soon. Rogers...Bentonville, Bella Vista...all great places to visit. Arkansas is another beautiful state.