Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ever see a car with that written on the windows? Along with...JUST MARRIED??? Now I know they were headed for Hot Springs, Arkansas!!! We were there too....Staying at a COE facility on Lake Ouachita.

While we were here Paul fished
And we had a lovely site for MiniPearl

We also explored Hot Springs...the smallest National Park! I have pix to share, later...still on the camera as I didn't take the tablet...
I know I am posting this out of order, but look at the leaves on the trees...see how they are pretty much out? Well, notice the trees when I show photos from KC...looks like winter!
Lots more to share...
Another time....
Tally ho!


  1. This is the campground where we met Paul. Enjoying your blog. We are currently camped at Jordan Lake SRA Crosswinds Campground. Here for two weeks while getting all our annual exams. Keep up the fun!
    Earl and Bettye, formerly from Apex.

    1. Hey Earl! Nice to hear from you. We are heading over to Jordan Lake tomorrow! Will be at Parkers Creek off HWY 64. Small world???