Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Early May in KC

We decided to visit KC on a close, just felt we needed to touch base. May Day found us back at Lake Jacomo once again! I needed a hair cut! Wanted to visit the KC Zoo, and maybe catch a Royals game. Two out of three were accomplished. The weather was beyond crazy...warm and sunny for the zoo...

My folks joined us, a perfect day for the zoo, actually, it was too warm!

This is my sister, the polar bear!

Two days later we had this...

Way tooooooo cold, had to break out the gloves and scarves, which we put away several months ago. One thing we have learned along the way...the weather changes, sometimes quite dramatically. Be prepared! Glad I was a girl scout 😊.
While we were visiting, in KC, my dear cousin-in-law Rob Glover passed away. We were able to attend the funeral and give our love to his wife, my cousin, Tina. Sad times.
But, we still had a wonderful visit and agreed we made a good decision.
Next stop, Memphis via a couple of nights at Walmart...
Tally ho,

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