Sunday, August 5, 2012

When last we met...

 We left St. Martins on Monday headed for Prince Edward Island...or PEI we had to drive this bridge in order to get to the island, it is one amazing feat of engineering, kinda scarry at first, but, in the end, very stable and such a good way to get over to PEI.  Once we got over the bridge we had been given a big recomendation to try the Cows Ice, of course, we parked and headed stright for the shop! Thanks to Jane!!!  Oh, and we got our first dose of Anne....

We did not have a reservation at any rv park, so we took our chances at the Cavendish KOA and were not turned away.  A nice park, but after St. Martins, we were a bit spoiled.  But, if we wanted drop dead gorgeous scenery, we had only to drive out of the park and take a left....or a right.  PEI is just too beautiful to put into words and made me wish for a much better camera, which I knew how to properly use of course.  Our poor photos do not begin to capture the beauty.  But, we tried.  In fact, I drove, and Paul was snapping photos non stop.  The churches were so lovely, the fields of wheat and potatoes and even clover and all types of wild flowers, well, we were dazzled.  Our first full day there we decided to do the L.M.M. tour, we first stopped into the site of her home while she lived with her grandparents and wrote Anne of Green Gables and several other novels and lots of poetry and short stories.  There is a nice book store selling lots of good things and then a path leading from there for a bit over a mile to the farm which was the inspiration for the "Green Gables".  We paid our fee and took a nice walk through woods and lots of info signs along the way.

 Above is the book store, the homestead is not standing, but they have the foundation dug out and you can see where it was.  The day was clear and warm, perfect weather.

 Lots of Queen Anne's Lace amid the wheat, such beauty is hard to capture, but you can get the idea.

 This part of the walk was very pleasant since the shade from the trees was very cool.
All the signage was in English and French....Below is the house, which is very well-kept and has lots of memorabelia and furnishings left from the family and altho Lucy never lived here, she visited often and had family living here.

 After visiting her home we drove down the road a bit to visit her birthplace.  We did not get out, just took some photos.

 We were hungry by now, so, when I saw this sign I made a quick right turn and we agreed to give it a try.  A very nice Japanese couple own and operate the Blue Wind, which is a lovely tea room with excellent food.  I had a cup of clam chowder (very very good) and a cucumber and veggie sandwich and Paul had the chowder and a ham and cream cheese sandwich.
After lunch we headed for the town of Summerside.  There is lots to see and do in this busy town which boasts a large Walmart! We visited the heritage museum and then the pier with lots of cute shops and great view of the bay.

 Our next stop was here (above) to see their afternoon program.  The school specializes on Highland Dance, Snare drum and bagpipe.  They have over 300 students from all over the world and are very well-known.  We enjoyed watching these talented young people and were very impressed with the facilities.

 The next day was cloudy and rainy and cold...not every day can be blue skies!  We stayed inside and enjoyed reading and relaxing.  The rain did not stop the vacationers, they got out and about and were busy....we knew we had plenty of time....this was our life, not our vacation!  We decided to skip Nova Scotia for several reasons one being we know we will return for the rally which will be held there next year, the other was the ferry....So, on Wednesday we packed up....hit the Cows store again....

Went back over this bridge.....

After saying Good bye to Anne....

We were headed back to the USA, boondocked at a nice Walmart in Fredericton, NB....then on to Bangor, Maine.
Tally ho,


  1. If you pass through Vermont on highway 2 you have to visit Smugglers Notch near Stowe. Leave the trailer at the campground . There is a state park Waterford . The Ben and Jerry factory tour is enroute to Stowe. An hour or so down the road near Burlington is the Vermont Teddy Bear factory ..The tour is kind of fun especially if there are children on the tour

    1. Oh, Brian, we will have to do that "next" year...we left Vermont early this morning after overnight at a lovely state park outside Bennington. Toured the Bennington Museum and saw lots of Grandma Moses paintings and ate at the Blue Binn teddy bears or ice cream altho we did eat a cone in our camper with Cows Wowie Cowie.....delish! Where are you guys?