Thursday, August 9, 2012

What works/what doesen't...

A fellow Casita owner suggested she would be interested in knowing what works on the Casita or maybe even some of the mods or equipment or even perhaps what we thoughtfully decided to take along on the trip turned out as we hoped, or disapointed other words...the good, the bad and the ugly.  This will be Casita-specific, but in general, you could apply the info to any trip planning.  I was told a long time ago the basic rule for a trip was:  TAKE HALF THE CLOTHES AND TWICE THE MONEY.  I cannot top that advice even now!
So far, what works is our sweet little MiniPearl.  We are amazed at how every need for shelter and comfort can be had in this 17ft. gem.  One big surprise is the dishes.  I had some really cute melmac dishes purchased at Target...too cute not to take and enjoy, right?  Well, they are, but they are not microwaveable, so if I need to heat up something like soup, or chili, or melt butter, I am outta luck.  Enter my plain white china bought again at Target.  I decided to take some china since....well...we are living in this camper, not vacationing.  This has proven to be an excellent decision on several levels.  I can microwave with them, they look so nice and we enjoy eating on them and...they don't slide around in the cupboard...the melmac are all over the place, but not the china!  We use both, but the china was a pleasant surprise.
Another item that I have and use several ways are plastic dish pans.  I use them in my hanging storage in the closet to hold my clothes and keep them tidy, use them for holding loose items while we travel, and of course for doing dishes!
Our Cabelas mod kitchen galley has been a wonderful addition to our home, lots of storage and counter space.
We "velcroed" a power strip onto the front of one of the legs of the mod next to the Cabelas counter.  I can hook up 6 different electric items and run them all at once.  I real workhorse and we use all the time.  There are plenty of outlets in the casita, but this has the benefit of several being handy to my work space, so I can use the elec. kettle, the electric skillet and charge my phone all at the same time.  sweet.
The only item that is not working now, literally, is our ice maker and we are hoping that after we give it a rest, it might magically work again....fingers crossed.

Chairs on the side of the charming house are flower boxes!  Taken in St. Martins

On the side of a cafe in downtown Concord, Mass.  There is also a solar light stuck into the can for evening clever!
Well, this has been a long post and no I will close with a picture and hope this was helpful. 
Tally ho,


  1. Thanks for this post, Cathy. The true test of our ideas comes with daily Casita living. What sounds good in theory in the driveway doesn't always work in reality.

    Dishes are important to me too; after all, it's what we eat 3 meals a day on. I have Corelle dinnerware with scootguard between some of them for travelling. I'm very fussy about coffee mugs ;-) and have 4 nice ones that we bought in Texas last year as well as the Corelle.

    I use similar pans/bins for storage! I found them at Walmart, kind of soft, flexible, square 'trugs'. They fit perfectly everywhere!

    Great minds think alike: we have a 'charging station' (power bar) under the dinette table. There's always something that needs to be charged.

    I'm glad to hear that you're still enjoying your travels in such a small space. I find that I just have to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n to be calm and efficient in WREN.

    Thanks for this post!


    1. Yep, mine were bought at WMT also, for about 99cents, great bargain and you are right, they fit everywhere. We were on some very bumpy roads in Canada and Maine and nothing major shook loose on MiniPearl...we do use alot of suction-type hooks and they all held up great. We do remember to anchor everything well, or take it down and I find that when we overnight in a WMT lot or as we are tonight, in a Cracker Barrel...having stuff in one of those trogs just makes it so easy to take off and then put back the next day.