Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some things I never knew...

The colors begin to show these days up north

Swans floating on a lagoon close to the Saganaw Bay
I never knew how ingrained my daily routine was until we literally broke the ties and headed out on this adventure....Sure, I knew that some big things would the fact of our living in a 17ft. trailer compared to a two story, 1800 sq. ft. home....yes, that was pretty obvious...duh...BUT....what surprised me was how tied we were to the days of the week and the flow of the month....without really noticing the patterns of life and the seasons of weather and time and humanity.  Working in a school environment I was used to some of these repeat patterns tied to events in each month be  it weather, history or holidays, some things come and go annually no matter what!  But, now, while all that stuff remains, we are no longer tied to it quite so closely.  And that is kind of exciting, but also makes us a bit unique...odd...maybe even a bit weird.  We have not come to grips with this ourselves.  We have such luxury of time these days....Like, when is the first day of back to school???? I can tell by shopping in Target/Walmart school supplies are out....Also, well, it is slowly becoming Autumn...I guess I will put away my fake petunias until next year....and oh, I got a nice little fall arrangement to hang on Mini Pearl's front door is official....we are decorated for the season....the trees are beginning to change colors up here in the UP (upper peninsula) and you can feel a change  in the air!  Campers arrive in the campground on Friday evenings now and clear out by Sunday noon leaving a really deserted looking place that is peaceful and quiet.  We plan our adventures to happen on week days so there are fewer crowds and we head towards Yellowstone to be there in but not crowded.  Yes, we are making our way in this new paradigm.

Tally ho

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