Monday, August 27, 2012

Bay City Michigan

We left Dayton heading north into Michigan.  Just 3 1/2 short hours later we arrived in Bay City and found the Bay City State Park.  Michigan has excellent State Parks.  Beautiful settings, clean modern bathrooms, electric hook up, no water or sewer, but dump stations and drinking water available and easy to access.  And the scenery is breath-taking!  We wanted to visit Frankenmuth, but discovered the true beauty of Michigan.  Incredible. 

Bay City is on Saganaw Bay and there is deepwater access inland and lots of water traffic.  We had to cross a drawbridge and were able to see it in action!

This is  the freighter that passed thru....very big!

Now, the street is being lowered for the cars to use again....

He is on his way, and so were we....on our way to visit Frankenmuth...which I will post next!

This shot of our camp site gives you a bit of an idea how pretty the area is. 
We did three full days here and enjoyed ourselves very much!


  1. Hope you enjoy Frankenmuth.. Make sure you get a traditional chicken dinner.
    Once you get to the UP Bay Furnace National Forest outside Munising is nice

    1. Hi Brian, we are headed west. will be in Fargo next Tuesday, then on to Custer. will we get to cross paths with you guys?

  2. Tried this once and it didn't work :( so again....hi, been following your travels with interest as we hope to take off next year :). Your in my state now, love Frankenmuth. We live about an hour from there so its a nice day trip for us. If you have time hop across the state to Holland and the shore oh Lake Michigan, you'll think your at the ocean only not salty. And don't forget to spend a day on Mackinaw Island (pronounced mack-in-naw) eat some fudge for me :)

    1. We will have to spend more time in Michigan, such a spectacular state! We did get to Mackinaw, will post soon on that adventure, another wonderful to you as you head out! Thanks for following along!