Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dorothy Lane and the USAF Museum

We made our "home" at the FamCamp on Wright-Patterson AFB.  While here, we able to visit with two of Paul's sisters and their families.  What a treat, we were so happy to get this opportunity.  The Schulte Clan hung out with us several times...we had many good visits and laughs.  Greg and his lovely new bride Lauren got a chance to see MiniPearl...Bob and Cindy too, and we had several delicious meals out together!  Cindy and Greg work at Dorothy Lane Market...a very cool upscale grocery store famous for their Killer Brownies!  So, being the gracious hosts...they gave us the tour of DLM....ending with brownies...oh and Boston Cream Pie for Paul!

We bought two Original Killer to eat, one to photograph (oh, and we ate that one too)

This, my friends, is the original killer.....oh my, that center is 1/2 inch thick caramel...oh mama, was it rich.  Took us several days to finish this one brownie, but man oh man, was it ever good!
The Air Force Museum was awesome and worth at least a week's worth of visits to scratch the surface of exhibits, films, archival material and displays....we spent about 4 hours just in the World War 2 section.  Outside the museum was an impressive memorial garden with all variety of sculptures and tributes to individuals and groups. We enjoyed walking thru the area reading the testimonies and names of fallen heroes.

Below:  Paul stands by the entry sign.

After a nice lunch in the cafe at the museum, we drove over to the Presidential Plan Exhibit.

They have the Air Force One that Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy and Johnson all used on display.  This is the plane that flew the body of slain JFK back to Washington and where LBJ was sworn into office.  Very interesting and who could forget the photo of LBJ with hand raised to affirm his oath with Jackie standing by his side in her bloodied pink suit?  Such sad times.

Here I am waving to the "crowds" as I leave the plane!

They also had two AF Ones that Truman used and one was used by FDR only once just a month before he died.  Truman inherited that plane and only used it once too, when he signed the bill to create the separate branch of service....the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE!.. He then used another placne, which he named Independance in honor of our nation and his home of Independance, Missouri.

Paul did the shopping while we were at the AF Museum.  He has a neat hat and pins from the commands he served in while active duty in the Air Force.

Strategic Air Command (SAC) and Tactical Air Command (TAC)

 United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE) and Air Training Command (ATC)

This is the church we attended while in Dayton.  Not a historic building, but quite interesting because it is a reformed congregation of Baptists!  We were very impressed with the service and blessed by the sermon.  The pastor is from Canada.  No choir, but seemed like everyone in the congregation had beautiful voices, so the music was excellent as well.

Well, it has been a rather long post, but...we are almost caught up on our travels.  While in Dayton, we purchased a mobil "hot spot" at the Verizon store in the BX.  Got a good deal and 10 G of data, so we are really set to use both our laptops and actually watch some Netflix too :-)
Onward to Michigan!!!

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  1. What a TRIP!!! You wore me out just reading.... Have FUN in Michigan....Happy Birthday TOMORROW, Pablo! XXOO