Friday, August 31, 2012

Side trip to Bavaria

Frankenmuth, Michigan....a little bit of Bavaria in the good 'ol USA! Such a beautiful little town with lots of shops, restaurants, tour buses and Bronner's....We spent an afternoon wandering the aisles of the huge Christmas shop....anything and everything you could imagine was was gigantic and overwhelming.  Good thing we are in a small small home these days, I could have found quite a few treasures to bring home from this amazing store!
Paul remembered his years in Germany ....

The Bavarian theme was evident in the archtecture of the town, beautiful buildings, colorful flowers and immaculatly clean and well-kept....kinda like Disney with schnitzel.

Pictures cannot even begin to show the size and scope of this store, but here's a few for you to browse.  The displays were amazing!  And, throughout the store are framed photos of guests and celebrities who have visited.  Paul enjoyed reading those, while I reveled in all this shiny stuff!

I left with one small bag....

Paul was rather relieved

 We had a rather mediocre lunch of brats for Paul and Jager schnitzel for me....then we left.
I guess these days, the touristy stuff just doesen't hold the same appeal.  It was fun to be there, but I didn't need any "remembrances" other than these great photos and the cool lighted American flag we got to stick on MiniPearl.  Frankenmuth is definately worth a visit....5 stars!

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