Friday, August 17, 2012

A look inside our mind....

So...what could Paul be thinking???? Well, he might be wondering where we will head next, I am wondering that myself!

So, when we were deciding which way to go our one goal is to head WEST...until mid-September, then SOUTH until we hit Arkansas.  We have a date to meet up with good friends for a long weekend in Branson, then on to Rogers, Arkansas and WAR  EAGLE craft fairs.  Paul will not believe it...I have been going off to Arkansas in October off and on for about 13 or so sister introduced me to the fun and whenever I can make it....I go.  It will be very different this year as I will not be able to do much buying....but looking is free and takes up no space, so I will enjoy and I always love to see what other folks find to buy!
So, between now...August 17 and then October 14, we have to go from Dayton, Ohio north to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, then west thru Wisconsin to Minnesota, then south thru the Dakotas, then west, then south!!! Want to hit Yellowstone in Sept., then high-tail it south asap.  Mt. Rushmore, Teddy Roosevelt NP, Badlands, Devils Tower, Custer, Yellowstone and Tetons....think we can do it?
We thought we would stay in Dayton for about 4 days, but decided to make it a week when we found out if we paid for 5 days, we got 2 free!, then....we took our westie to the groomers at Petsmart (btw, great experience and Fiona looks wonderful) we told them we were needing a vet to have a look at her one eye that was concerning me, they suggested the vet in the store and when they mentioned the first office visit was free....well....that's all she wrote!  Next day Fiona went to the vet, another stellar experience, really great folks, she left with ointment, and pills.  She is in very good shape for an older lady.  We have a follow-up visit for Monday, so Paul paid for another day at the famcamp here at Wright-Patterson.  We are pretty flexible, we can do that....Paul was able to visit with lots of family while we were in the area and this is where he grew up, so it is good for him to be home for a while.  More to post later, just thought you might wonder what is going on with us.  We get to be here for the CornFest this weekend, can't wait!

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