Sunday, July 29, 2012


Our campground in St. Martin

Look at that beautiful site!

The Bay of Fundy at low tide right outside our camp high tide the water is well past where you see the left edge of the photo.  All the shore is not sand, but these wonderful colorful rocks.  You cannot want to pick them up and keep them!  I have a jar full, they are so beautiful.  We just sat on this beach and soaked up such beauty it is impossible to put into words.

Far on the horizon is Nova Scotia

More beautiful Bay of Fundy
Serendipity brought us to a magical place call Saint Martins, New Brunswick, Canada.  We were camping in Bar Harbor and into the campground pulled another Casita.  Well, we are always happy to see another camper like ours as they are few and far we immediately chat and find we are kindred spirits!  Karen and Bill are native New Englanders who now live in Florida, but travel all over in their Casita.  They were staying in Bar Harbor on their way to the Maritimes and a Vintage/Fiberglass rally in New Brunswick.  Well, we had already been planning a visit to Fundy NP which is a bit north of where they rally was being held, so we called the campground and found they could find a spot for us and we decided to spend a bit of time there before the rally began.  We had no idea what to expect....took a chance and figured we hoped it would work out.  Boy, did it work out.  First off, we got to the campground and got the most beautiful view of the Bay of Fundy, then we met some lovely, friendly folks who got there early too for the rally. Chris and Bruce such nice people.  Then, we began to truly take in the beauty of our surroundings, we were thrilled.  The weather was perfect, we relaxed, took walks on the beach, found a Walmart in nearby St. John (but enjoyed grocery shopping in Sobey's much better).  We relaxed and waited for the rally to begin.  Thursday brought our new friends Bill and Karen along with lots of other campers for the rally.  Over 25 amazing vintage trailers and also some very cool cars.  Every single person was so warm and friendly, we were totally welcomed and made to feel right at home.  I cannot say enough about these wonderful people, just like the scenery, we soaked it up and loved every minute of it!

New friend

Low tide...Bay of Fundy

I am standing in front of the covered bridge
They use those wonderful rocks from the beach in all manner of masonery, isn't this beautiful?
Below is the Orange Order Meeting Hall

The village grocer

Paul is sitting next to Harvey, who is a retired Mounty!  RCMP, he was charming!!!
Now we are off to Prince Edward Island!
Cathy and Paul


  1. It will take me a few days to catch up and read your blog!

    1. Hi Brian, you must have some internet finally! Good to "hear" from you. Got Marla's email, your lobster rolls sounded very good. Sunny morning here, hope there too, cathy

  2. Super! So good to see a post from Canada! Looks like you're enjoying the east coast. There's so much more to see too! We've been there 4 times and to Newfoundland once (for 5 weeks!).

    (For an introduction, see my long comment on your last post.)

    Cheers, Hazel

  3. I love your blog and I'm looking forward to following your travels here:) It was so nice meeting you both and I hope to see you again in person....maybe next rally?!

    1. Hi Hazel, so sorry, I thought I did respond, loved your informative comment, I enjoy learning about how everyone adapts their Casita's to make it comfortable and organized! While we were in Canada, my internet was really poor so I was not very prompt in responding, but I do love to hear from people who are keeping up with us and I promise to try to be better at responding.

    2. Hello Chantelle! so nice to hear from you! I love your blog too, lots of info, good photos and fun to follow, I will also keep up with you! We are definately planning on next year as we did not get to Nova Scotia so now, we have very good reasons to meet up next July.

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