Sunday, July 22, 2012

One word for Bar Harbor...GO!!!

The drive from Boston to Bar Harbor, Maine was very easy.  Took us a little more than 4 hours and most was a lot less traffic than we had from NC all the way up the coast thru the big city areas of DC, NYC and Boston....we enjoyed our drive and the weather was wonderful!  We stayed at Hadley's Point Campground.

Our camp site was out in the middle of a field with absolutely no shade, ever.  We were surrounded by large rvs...not the best campsite, but the campground was clean and friendly and in a good location, so we were ok with the fact, most of the time it was very pleasant!  Shuttle busses run all  over the area and you can get just about anywhere you want to go on them and they are free!  Our first day was spent visiting the Acadia visitor's center and taking the Loop bus all the way around the park!   

We took the bus into Bar Harbor, here is a shot of Paul on the street by the town square.  Bar Harbor is a perfectly lovely coastal town full of touristy shops and eateries.

I found the Bar Harbor Tea company!  Can you believe I bought some tea? 

I also found this amazing place for our lunch!  Paul said, "This place looks like Murder She Wrote"  and it does.  We couldn't have asked for better weather and oh my, the food was excellent.

Ships in the harbor and cute little tug boat.  There was also a huge cruise ship docked.

Paul ordered shrimp cocktail and crab roll

I ordered the lobster bisque and the "taste of New England"

I loved the packaging at the Bar Harbor Tea Company.  I bought the Down East Breakfast Blend and the Golden Yunan.  Have already had the Yunan and it was excellent.  I look forward to tasting the Down East!

The next day we took the bus again and went to Jordan Pond House for lunch.  We sat outside on the tea lawn (below)

 It was a very sunny day but cool in the shade.  We sat at a table like those below.

We had warm popovers with fresh butter and strawberry jam.

I had a cup of lobster stew which was beyond delish...Paul had seafood chowder and we had blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for desert.

Then we tried to walk it all off around the pond! 

What a beautiful place.
We did not get to see Woody, it was just too far, but, our stay in Maine was perfect.  We want to come back for sure.  I have more to post, but we are leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Canada and I have been told that internet is very expensive and so....might not be hearing from us for a little while.  Not to worry, we will be off exploring the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia's Cape New Bretton, and Prince Edward Island....then we will head back to the USA.


  1. Hi Cathy...found your blog just in time for you to disappear into Canada! ;-) (Oh, and 2 weeks won't be enough time to see everything...;-)) Nice to 'meet' you!

    We are Canadians, 60 something, and just bought a new-to-us Casita last March. We will be living spring to fall in our little cottage on 14 acres in Ontario, and the rest of the time exploring down south in our WREN. The best of both worlds!

    It's so interesting to see how everyone sets up their Casita differently. After spending a month in WREN down in Texas last spring, I have our Spirit Deluxe and our Toyota van set up to suit our needs. Do you mind if I tell your our set-up? (I get excited about living small and simply!)

    We leave the bed set up...a wonderful 7" custom Southern Mattress...with food bins stowed underneath; the side dinette has storage under each seat for food and tools; no furnace (not necessary with the heat strip and cube heater) so lots of space under the sink/stove for pots, pans, small appliances; a microwave; dishes and light food overhead; an overhead shelf each for clothes and the 3rd is shared; hanging clothes fit nicely in the closet with shoes in a big, round trug at the bottom; books, camera, Playbook, and such overhead over the dinette; laundry bag, towels, personal items in the bathroom. It all fits and it all works so well!

    I just ordered a couple of heavy canvas boat bags from LLBean to hang up under the dinette table for our laptops, chargers, and cords. We took out the TV and just use the biggest laptop for movies. Oh, we have 2 fold-down tables attached, one beside the stove for counter space, and one on the wooden divider wall.

    Heehee...I've decorated in turquoise which goes really well with the wood and white. ;-)

    In the van I will set up bins for a convection toaster oven, a pizza cooker (I make homemade), a bread-maker, and a crockpot along with the outdoor table, 2 chairs, patio carpet, and birding gear. We'll take out the 2 middle seats to reduce weight.

    Isn't it amazing that we can live happily in such a small space?!

    We're looking forward to our winter's trip to Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona but for now I love nesting!

    Looking forward to reading more of your travel blog. Have fun!


  2. Sure wish bloggers would respond to those who read the blog and bother to comment!

    1. Hi Hazel! Please forgive me for being so slow, I enjoyed your comment very much, look forward to perhaps seeing some photos of your Casita and from hearing from you often. I thought I had responded, but now I know I didn't thank you for letting me know and know that I appreciate you following along on the road with us. (I think I overdid the word "know")

  3. Sorry for the grumps, Cathy. I just get so excited to share Casita and/or travel adventures with people and am disappointed when bloggers don't respond. That said, I can't imagine the time and commitment it takes to keep up a blog!

    Yes, I am following your trip and wishing we were on the road too. I think I'll need to get out a map to see where you are!

    Let us know what's working and what doesn't in the Casita. The longer ours just sits in the driveway, the more mods we do to it!

    Enjoy your travels!

    ~ Hazel