Monday, July 9, 2012

Heading North

I had made reservations months ahead for our first two stops on our adventure. A week in DC, then a week at West Point....we could not make reservations for Boston, but, were assured there would be space (and there was!). Seems as if our easy 4 hour drives always turn into grueling 6 hours but, we made it to West Point's FamCamp way up a big big hill....not a mountain, but pretty steep and very woodsy.

Round Pond is the name of West Point's FamCamp....We wanted to 1) Tour West Point....2)visit FDR's birthplace and home in Hyde Park, 3) spend a day in NYC and 4) tour the Culinary Institute of America....I had also made an appointment with the post vet for Fiona's check up and some shots....

This is one of the gates to get into WEST POINT...very tight security here, they even had us open up the back of our car, even with our military id.  A very beautiful place tho, with so much history and tradition.  We saw no cadets as they are either busy off somewhere or on leave...the new cadet class comes in July.  We took a tour with a very knowledgable guide on an air conditioned bus (it was a very warm day)


 What a view of the Hudson River....George Washington stood close to this place and said that this area was crucial to winning the war with England!  See that island way in the distance?  The patriots forged a huge chain and had it laid across the river so they could control the traffic on the river which at that time was very important to both sides of the conflict.  The river freezes over in the winter, so they had to haul the chain out of the water during that time of year, then replace it in the spring. 

Paul is standing in front of a Civil War Monument.  In every major battle of the war one or both sides were commanded by a West Point Graduate.  Each cannon represents a battle and the ends of the cannon have the battle name and around the cannon balls are a list of all the men who died on the Union side.  

We enjoyed learning about the history and traditions of this great military institution.


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