Friday, July 13, 2012


 The Culinary Institute of America is VERY is the West Point of cooking!  All the students wear cool uniforms, adhere to strict regimes and graduates are highly sought-after...the only difference is that the CIA is $$$$ and West Point is free...just costs 8 years of your life!  Again, we took a tour and our guide was a lovely young lady from New Jersey, we learned alot and enjoyed the tour.....

 The campus is beautiful....set overlooking the Hudson, this is the main building, but there are many others.  A very warm day, see the clear skies?

 We ate lunch before the 4pm tour....this is Paul's lunch

 This is my lunch, chicken and some other stuff, can't remember, sorry, but it was awesome and Paul helped me finish it off and agreed!  We also had desert a key lime cheesecake to die for!!!

 This is the bridge we had to cross several times to get to the other side of the Hudson river.  We crossed it to go to the CIA, then the next day we crossed it to visit FDR's home and birthplace. Then we crossed it to get to the train station Croton on Hudson for our ride into NYC!

Saw a short info movie which managed to trash the DAR, took a nice tour and had lunch.  It was ok, still not as good as Truman's in Independance, Mo.  Could have been much better, oh well....nice day.

 We wanted to visit the Times Square Church while in  NYC.  Had seen several youtube videos of  the present pastor and looked forward to hearing him preach, once again, not we stood in the very back of the balcony for an hour of and uncomfortable...then we left and headed to the Metropolitan Museum.  spend the entire afternoon there, then rode the train back to Croton..  It was a local, so we made 40 stops on the way....whew....saw lots of up-state ;-)

Our silly photos on the train...

 Paul is interested in Geneva robes and preaching we found this painting while at the Met!  I took a guided tour which was very good and gave an over all view of the museum's vast collections and exhibits...Paul spent his time in the European art.  We had a nice lunch and also later a drink and desert.  We have been to the city many many times, so this was very different and very enjoyable and alot less stress and money too.
We did everything we wanted to do while in the area and now we are headed to Boston area

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