Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beach Day looks like a Hitchcock movie

So, Paul says, "Hey wouldn't it be cool if I put this cheese-it on my chest and had a sea gull come and get it?"  I say, "Sounds like a great idea!" (tongue in cheek)

 This fellow below thought it was a great idea too and he liked the idea he was first on the scene!

Then all of a sudden there were a few more sea gulls, Paul was having a  ball...

 Here little birdie....come and get a treat from this fellow.

Now, we are beginning to look like which Alfred Hichcock movie???

Fortunately, our movie had a happy birds or men were harmed making these photos and a few lucky gulls have orange-stained beeks, they were very cute.
Oh, and we had a perfectly perfect afternoon on the beach!

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