Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the 50s

I find that I am up early these days.  I fill a glass with water, take my little pill and turn on my computer.  Paul is sound asleep and I am happy that I will not bother him while I do my typing.  It is just past 6am and daylight is breaking, very peaceful but chilly.  We got into the 50s during the night and I am cozy with a wonderful thick blanket, but might have to turn on the heat strip that is on the a/c unit.  We have a nice gas furnace, but it is not that cold, the heat strip will keep us comfortable until it warms up outside later on in the day.
Today is SATURDAY.  We remind ourselves of the day and date as this new life does not have the same daily functions that kept us current (smile).  No school.  No job.  No meetings. No obligations. No yard work.  No family functions.  No social.  That is alot of Nos.  Once we are traveling there will be some structure as we will have sights to see, places to go, stuff to do....but for now, we are floating and after the month we have had, this floating feels mighty good!

(Our new pantry)
I have done my first grocery shopping as a full-time occupant of a home with a 4 cu. ft. refrigerator!  Amazing difference.  I made chili yesterday and used a can of tomato paste, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of chili beans, so I bought replacement cans of those items.  A small carton of 2% milk and no stocking up on anything!!! I brought quite alot of canned goods from our pantry and have managed to store them all in one shelving unit....a miracle!  I don't buy 5# bags of anything anymore.  The habits of an adult life-time are being broken down...happily.  I remember long ago coming home from doing my grocery shopping at the  Commissary at Ramstein AFB, Germany.  We lived in a small village and the owners of our duplex son was in the yard when I drove up and he offered to help me unload my trunk...when I lifed the lid and he saw how very many bags of groceries I had he exclaimed in lovely German accented English, "You are expecting a catastrofe???"  Yep, that's how I shopped, like the end of the world was near.  Not any more tho!
Well, it is still cool and not quite full daylight, maybe I will turn off the computer and catch a few winks ;-)


  1. Cathy,
    I've shared your blog with others at the library. Hope you don't mind. I am loving the writing and pics of living "small". Trying to convince Sam that's what we need.
    Good luck.


    1. I am glad you are enjoying the blog Teddy! Thanks for the pr, of course I don't mind if you share ;-) I think of the Library as family. I even thought I might take Flat Linda along for this trip since she had such a good time in Paris! As for getting simple, well it really is a process and can be achieved a bit at a time, really. But, it is like loosing weight, hard to do, but even a little makes you feel lighter. I always enjoyed Charlyn's blog posts and she inspires me even now.
      Have a great week

  2. Way to go, Cathy. It gets easier as thinking about your small space becomes more familiar. "Living small" is always a work in process. I'm constantly surprised when I think of a better way (why didn't I think of this before?) to store, access, or get double-duty from something.