Monday, May 28, 2012

Valuable must haves part 1

As  I promised, here is the beginning of the list of really valuable items to take with you when you are headed out on at least a year-long adventure pulling a 17 foot long travel trailer with very limited storage space....***whew***

In the forground, our Britta Water filter pitcher.  Filtered water is a must have and it is very expensive and space consuming to tote bottled water, so we filter our own.  We also have a filter on our hose that leads from the water tap into our camper so we actually double-filter our water and it makes such a difference.  Behind the Britta is our way-cool ice maker machine!  We make ice about every other day and it is a breeze with this little machine.

Above is a photo of a batch of ice cubes being hoisted into the container below

Ice anyone????

Of course I have shared our thought process as to what camper to purchase and for what reasons we chose the Casita Freedom Deluxe....and so far, we are thrilled and pleased with our choice!
I am a big fan of living simple, but I also believe that you can also live well and that is what we plan on doing.  Our camper is very comfortable, our bed is roomy and cozy and the memory foam is the best mattress I have ever slept on!  Our bathroom is wonderful....we shower daily and there is lots of water pressure and hot water!  I can make anything I want to in our well-stocked kitchen and we definately eat well.  So, although we have had to trim our belongings down, we have not forfeited any comforts!
Stay tuned for part 2.....

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