Monday, May 28, 2012

Signs and Wonders

We have been relaxing here at the beach, riding our bikes, taking nice walks, doing more refining of our little home and just loafing in general.  We are trying not to spend any/very little money.  We have done the beach thing many many times....all you can eat buffets, mini golf,, we are laying low and enjoying the easy flow of beach days with nothing on the agenda.  We sit outside in the evening and enjoy the cool breeze and last night we had the added treat of a lovely rainbow out over the ocean.  I took it as a very good sign and felt God's blessing on our adventure!

My last bouquet picked from our yard and brought to our new home...MiniPearl

Tonight Paul and I took our beach chairs down to the ocean and just sat there enjoying the lovely sunset and watching several folks fish from the edge of the water.  They were having no luck, but were prepared to stay for quite a while and looked like it was something they enjoyed.  We hoped to witness a big haul, but not while we were there....but, we did witness something very cool.  A meteor!  At first I thought it was fire works from somewhere, but the fisherman told us it was a have never seen one, so that is another wonder! Signs and wonders....and they were spectacular and free!!!


  1. Wish I were there....Sounds lovely

    1. Wish you were here too! Also wish I has my camera!