Saturday, May 19, 2012

Falls Lake

(view from our window)
One of the small hassels we face now as nomads is that some camping areas have time limits....we can only stay 2 weeks at a time in any NC State park.  So, after our time was up at Jordan Lake, we pulled MiniPearl down the road to another state park...Falls Lake.  Took us about 20 min. to get here and the facilities are very nice, much like Jordan Lake, but I think a bit bigger, maybe not, but somehow it doesen't seem as busy.  We got here on Thursday and there were not many camping, when we left Jordan it was already filling up with weekenders, not Falls Lake.  Now, it is Saturday and there are more trickeling into the park, but not as many as at Jordan, or maybe we just found the "not-so-busy" camping area.  Either way, it is still a very nice area and we are all set to stay here until next Tuesday when we will head back to Apex for Woody's final band concert. 
Moving was good practice for us as we are still fine-tuning our operation ;-).  One thing we did was re-organize our clothes.  Our cool-weather clothing is in "storage" in a very large camping dufflebag that is easy to carry and access, that freed up lots of space in one of our two large blue plastic containers which occupy the rear end of our Willie Nelson (WN from now on...that's our Pathfinder's name).  We have the extended version with the extra row of seats so we put it all down and have tons of space.  When we travel, we will leave the bed down in MiniPearl so the bedding will not be in the car, but when we are stationery, we will have the table up and the bedding will go inside the car.  We bought 4" memory foam for our bed and it is very comfortable, but such a hassel to move in and out daily....then we used an electric knife (via good hints gleened from internet) to "cut" the foam into three pieces, much easier to handle, but we are finding it still a now, we are on the look out for a double bed size air mattress as we feel that will be alot easier to use daily and to store.  Will see what is out there.  We hope to make a visit to CampingWorld just to see what they might have on hand.
All this to say, we are constantly refining our space. I am glad we have this time before we set out to re-think and redesign to edit and evaluate while we have our storage unit handy.  We decided not to take the screen room, two air mattresses (twin size, high rise and very bulky and heavy), lantern, extra chairs, small table and a suitcase (we both have nice backpacks we are taking).  I took our Yatzee game out of the box and put it in a ziplock bag and that took care of some bulk too!  In the future, I will post listing my "travel essentials for full-time rv life" so you can see what we are taking, what made the "cut".

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