Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kure Beach/ Fort Fisher

 This is what "Home" looked like while we stayed for 10 days here at the Air Force Recreation Center at Fort Fisher, NC.
We only spent one afternoon on the beach, but we had a great time.  Here is what our beach gear looked like all packed and ready to haul the whole two blocks to the beach! 

Here is the beach gear all set up and did we enjoy that cool little tent!  I am not big on sitting in the sun.  I burn so, this tent was bliss. 

Fiona is not allowed on the beach, so she had to stay home and pout....actually, she is not fond of water, so she was faking her pout ;-)

Kure (pronounced Curry) Beach is a lovely little community with the ocean on one side and the Cape Fear River on the other....a family place with not a single mini golf to be seen....but good sea food, friendly folks and a real beach atmosphere.  We have always enjoyed ourselves while staying here and it was a good place to relax and adjust to our new life-style! Paul is getting a wonderful tan...I am not.  Paul takes 40-60 min. bike rides....I do not.  I fix wonderful meals and ride my bike and use alot of sun screen!  I am getting a "healthy glow" perhaps from the sun screen????  This time next week we will be on our way to 
The wind blows here so we are careful using our awning, but it sure is nice to have and when we can use it, it makes a lovely shade...which we need here as there are NO trees of any kind in our camping spot.  We are looking forward to the shade of Jordan Lake back in Apex.  We head there tomorrow.  Will stay for Zion's graduating from Elem. School and Woody graduating from High School, then we head out.
I enjoy reading blogs, some more than others and so I thought about which blogs I enjoyed, what qualities they possessed that attracted me to them and kept me wanting to read them and here's what I discovered...
1) I enjoy blogs where I learn something
2) I enjoy blogs with pictures
3) I enjoy blogs with humor least to keep me happy....I am going to try to do all the above in each blog I least I will keep reading, and maybe you will too ;-)
Oh, I need to tell you something about this area....If you come down this way you can drive all the way on HWY 40! A "no brainer"....and while here there is the Civil War Fort Fisher to visit and the NC Acquarium, which is very cool and at the very tip of the penninsula is the Southpoint/Ft. Fisher Ferry which is a great little ride and takes you to the very neat little town of Southpoint and then on to Calabash (a great tea room here in this little town) and then North Myrtle Beach....So, now you learned something, perhaps.


  1. Sounds as though you are truly resting up! Looks like Fi is anyway....I am sure jealous of all that you are doing...Sounds GRAND. Neil says if his health improves we may do the same. I would be for that! Love you all XXXOOO

    1. Well, so far so good... if we can keep our sense of humor, i think we will survive ;-)

  2. Cathy,

    I love the pictures! I find your blogs to be so interesting and I love your "chatty" style of writing.
    Good travels!

    1. Thanks Teddy, it is good to know you are out there keep in touch!