Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good byes

 Leaving is not easy.  I had to say good bye to Sweet Bird....
 We are all loaded up ready to hit the trail
 Our girls came out to say one last bon voyage.
Celebrating Woody's graduation.  Amy treated us all to an excellent lunch.
So, leaving was heart breaking, but also heartful....lots of hugs and well wishes, all of us have roads before us to travel....Woody as a young man making life decisions, Sarah with a new job and a whole new life to build, Amy as an "empty nester".  And we are gypsies learning how to adjust to life in a 17 foot trailer with a dog who has huge anxieties.  (we bought her a thunder shirt....also had the vet prescribe tranqulizers...not working so far.....)
All I have to say is that life is all about change and the sooner you realize that the better off you will be! 
It has been two weeks since we left, our internet service was not good in ether place, so I apologize for not posting, I hope to do better. 
We left on Sunday, June 10 and headed north to Virginia.....
Tally Ho,

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